Sponsor Profile: Salini Violins

Dan Salini, Salini Violins 1609 S. Park Street
Salt Lake City , Utah 84105 By appointment: 801-949-6174 salini(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)xmission.com


How long have you been in Utah?

I have been in Utah for for 27 years, I moved here from Minneapolis in 1995. There were other many local makers to work alongside, and an environment of youthful, energetic creativity. The viola was the first instrument I made here in SLC!

What services does your shop provide, and is there an area that you specialize in?
I provide violins ,violas and cellos.

I make new instruments, and provide adjustments , bow rehairs and repairs. I have been doing my trade for 30 years and continue to learn each day. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with some of the best.

I have been told by many that I have a knack for adjusting and setting up instruments to reach the personal preference of the musician. I am a player myself and grew up in a family of musicians, so my goals is to communicate with my clients about ideas and concepts of sound, and then find the right playability for the individual.

Do you have a particular sound or concept that you are aiming for when you make violas? What do you love about the viola?
The sound and concept of my violas are to provide an instrument that is easy to play and have a character to the sound which both projects and has warmth.
I find the recent model I am making liberating in that I am playing with dimensions and wood choice. The basic model is that of an Amati. After I make my alterations it has deviated into my own personal model. So far it seems to be working quite well.
I love the viola because it can have so many variations in size sound and style.

Do you play music yourself?

I play steel guitar , guitar and fiddle (maybe I will switch to jazz viola). I have been lucky to know so many great musicians locally and nationally. These days I enjoy playing at home with the occasional gig out on the town.

Do you have hobbies or interests away from music and instruments?

I enjoy the mountains, and the wild west. I practice Tai Chi and enjoy casual bike rides. I feel like I need another century to scratch the surface of what this state has to offer. I really appreciate feeling a part of this community.

Dan’s newest viola is almost ready, and it’s going to be amazing! At Viola Day, you’ll be able to hear and play a locally-owned instrument, made from the same striking wood.

Sponsor Profile: Carrie Scoggins, Violin Maker

Carrie Scoggins, Violin Maker
By Appointment Only
7644 S Twin Lake Cir, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
(801) 943-0496

How long have you been in Utah?

I first came to Utah in 1987 to attend the Violin Making School of America. I graduated in 1983 then taught at the school for four years before opening a shop near Liberty Park in 1988.

What services does your shop provide, and is there an area that you specialize in?

I focus on new making of violins, violas and cellos. Mainly violas and cellos.  I am also available for repair work.

What do you love about the viola, and do you have a particular sound or concept that you are aiming for when you make violas?

I grew up studying  the violin but started playing the viola in college and loved its’ deep, rich sound. When I started making violas here in Utah I built a number of them for David Daltons students at BYU. I learned a lot from those instruments and following the players through the years. What I focus on is building an instrument that is even across the register, speaks quickly, has a wide dynamic range, and colour to the voicing. Can you play pianissimo and still have clarity and be heard? A viola that is just loud, without colour to its voicing, is boring to me. A viola that can stand up to chamber music work must have character!

Do you play music yourself, and do you have hobbies or interests away from music and instruments?

Currently I play violin in the Salt Lake  Symphony. Outside of my work I love hiking and mountain biking.

Carrie will be bringing two beautiful, new instruments to Viola Day, pictured below!

This beauty is made from European maple. Body length 16 3/8″
The gorgeous one piece back is made from Big Leaf maple, out of Oregon. Body length 16 1/4.

In addition, she’ll be bringing a large viola made by Michael Scoggins in 2003, measuring in at 17 5/8!

Viola Day Schedule!

8:45-9:30: Check in (Front entrance, Thompson Hall)
9:30-11:30: Guest Artist Masterclass with Toby Appel
11:30-12:15 Pizza Party and Alto Clef Cookies!
12:15: Instrument Showcase with Utah Symphony Principal Violist Brant Bayless
1:00: Meet Your Maker – play all the violas!
2:00: Guest Artist Recital – Toby Appel, viola, with pianist Rieko Tsuchida and the Fry Street Quartet
3:00-3:30: Guest Artist Conversation, “My Friend, Rebecca”

Johannes Brahms – Viola Quintet in F Major, Op. 88
Joaquin Turina – Scene Andalouse
Rebecca Clarke – Sonata for Viola and Piano

4:00: Bonus Event! Violist Alicia Valoti in Recital, Presented by the University of Utah*

*We have previously announced this event at 4:30. The correct time is 4:00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The elevator in the Gardner Building is out of service. Dumke Hall (venue for masterclass, guest artist conversation, and recitals) will only be accessible by stairs.