Sponsor Profile: Carrie Scoggins, Violin Maker

Carrie Scoggins, Violin Maker
By Appointment Only
7644 S Twin Lake Cir, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
(801) 943-0496

How long have you been in Utah?

I first came to Utah in 1987 to attend the Violin Making School of America. I graduated in 1983 then taught at the school for four years before opening a shop near Liberty Park in 1988.

What services does your shop provide, and is there an area that you specialize in?

I focus on new making of violins, violas and cellos. Mainly violas and cellos.  I am also available for repair work.

What do you love about the viola, and do you have a particular sound or concept that you are aiming for when you make violas?

I grew up studying  the violin but started playing the viola in college and loved its’ deep, rich sound. When I started making violas here in Utah I built a number of them for David Daltons students at BYU. I learned a lot from those instruments and following the players through the years. What I focus on is building an instrument that is even across the register, speaks quickly, has a wide dynamic range, and colour to the voicing. Can you play pianissimo and still have clarity and be heard? A viola that is just loud, without colour to its voicing, is boring to me. A viola that can stand up to chamber music work must have characte!

What instruments are you currently working on?

I also want the instrument to be easy to play. I use an Amati pattern because I like the sloped shoulders, which makes higher position work easier.

I am currently working on 3 violas. A 16″ with a one piece Tulip Poplar back. A 16 1/4″ with a one piece Big Leaf Maple back. A 16 3/8″ with European maple back.

It is always interesting and challenging to work with the different woods used for the back. All three are based on a Brothers Amati pattern from 1615. I have just inlaid the purfling and am starting to work on the arches. I will bring some to Viola Day.

Do you play music yourself, and do you have hobbies or interests away from music and instruments?

Currently I play violin in the Salt Lake  Symphony. Outside of my work I love hiking and mountain biking. Just returned from Canada where I got to do both at Whistler Mountain!

Look forward in seeing you at Viola Day !!

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