Meet Elizabeth Beilman, violist and aspiring….??

The newest member of the Utah Symphony’s viola section is Elizabeth Beilman. Elizabeth joined the Utah Symphony in September, having previously served as Principal Viola in Sarasota Orchestra. She is a newlywed, married to clarinetist Joe Morris, and they enjoy playing chamber music together.

Elizabeth and Joe

Elizabeth says that she is currently obsessed with Baroque music and is learning to play the Baroque recorder, much to the delight of her neighbors. When she’s not practicing viola or Baroque recorder, Elizabeth enjoys cooking, and hiking Utah’s many beautiful trails.

On Sunday’s recital, Elizabeth will be performing Wild Purple by Joan Tower, which was written for Paul Neubauer and premiered in 1998.

“I always thought of the viola sound as being the color purple. Its deep resonant and luscious timbre seems to embody all kinds of hues of purple. I never thought of the viola as being particularly wild. So I decided to try and see if I could create a piece that had wild energy in it and meet the challenge of creating a virtuosic piece for solo viola.” ~ Joan Tower

Elizabeth says, “I love “Wild Purple” because it gives me the chance to go completely crazy in my playing, which is something violists rarely have the opportunity to do!”

Come hear Elizabeth go completely crazy on Sunday, March 6, as she makes her Utah Viola Society debut!

Sunday, March 6, 3pm, Dumke Recital Hall, University of Utah.


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