Martinu Madrigals, Monte Belknap, and dog sweaters!

This Sunday Dr. Claudine Bigelow will be performing the First Madrigal for Violin and Viola by Bohuslav Martinu, with her BYU colleague Associate Professor Monte Belknap. Dr. Bigelow says that she loves working with Monte Belknap because she always learns from his strengths, particularly his bow arm! “The rhythmic play in the Martinu is challenging, jazzy, and fun.  It’s a piece that requires technical brilliance, is bright and energetic.” ~Claudine Bigelow



Claudine is a beautiful knitter and quilter, and writes a blog called Musical Stitch. She’s so crazy for her King Cavalier Spaniel, Jack, that she knit him a cable sweater!jack_s_sweater_medium2CROP

Claudine says that she can’t pick a favorite violist (too many good ones to choose from!) but that two of our very own UVS members always inspire her: Brant Bayless, who has played as good a recital as she’s heard anywhere, and Carl Johansen who has played so many memorable performances on our Utah Viola Society recitals. (Both Brant and Carl will be performing Sunday! You can hear the inspired and the inspirers!)

Come be inspired with us on Sunday, March 6, 3pm, Dumke Recital Hall, University of Utah.


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