The Dalton-Primrose Connection

Join us on Viola Day 2016 for a fascinating look at the relationship between David Dalton and William Primrose. The presentation entitled “The Dalton-Primrose Connection” was originally prepared by Violist Dwight Pounds for the 2016 American Viola Society Festival at Oberlin. He explores aspects of the lives of both men, how their paths came to cross, the writing of David Dalton’s books about Mr. Primrose, the building of the Primrose Archive, and ultimately how Mr. Primrose came to Utah and spend his final years in Provo. The second half of the presentation is a viewing of a film produced by KBYU in 1979 entitled “William Primrose: A Violist’s Legacy.”


(If you’ve never met Dwight Pounds, I encourage you to attend an American Viola Society event and get to know him. He is a wonderful photographer, and many of his photographs can be seen at the Primrose Archive in Provo. He’s been honored with multiple AVS awards and International Viola Society awards, and has served multiple terms on the AVS and IVS boards. He’s traveled the world in service to the viola, his memory is impeccable and the stories he tells are rich with viola history. He is a wonderful friend to many people, including David and Donna Dalton.)

Sadly Dwight is unable to join us for Viola Day 2016 to make his presentation but the Utah Viola Society is grateful that he will share his work with us! Our wonderful viola colleague Dr. Claudine Bigelow will be coordinating the presentation, with David and Donna’s son Aaron Dalton giving the talk.

Join us to discover the link between David Dalton and William Primrose, and to learn about the Primrose legacy, including an informal question and answer session with Myrna Layton about the Primrose Archive. If you’ve ever wondered why being a violist in Utah is so amazing, you’ll find out all the answers at this presentation! (Hint: It’s because of David Dalton.)

The Dalton-Primrose Connection will begin at 2:30pm in Dumke Recital Hall as part of Viola Day 2016.


A slide from the Dalton-Primrose Connection presentation June, 2016 American Viola Society Festival, Oberlin College


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