Carl Johansen and Scott Lewis: Violists and Daredevils

Meet Carl Johansen.Carl paragliding

Meet Scott Lewis.Scott hanglidingThey are both violists with the Utah Symphony, though you’d never guess from these pictures.  When they aren’t paragliding, they are performing daredevilish acts on viola. Come see Carl Johansen fearlessly perform the mighty Shostakovich Viola Sonata and Scott Lewis execute a stunning display of bold virtuosity playing the Hindemith Op. 25, #1 Sonata for Solo Viola.

Join us for  EXTREME Viola playing on Saturday, March 22, at 4pm at the University of Utah’s Dumke Recital Hall.

Here are three things to know about Carl:

1. He moved here in 2005 from Rochester, N.Y.

2. He plays viola with the Utah Symphony.

3. In college he changed to a music major because he didn’t want to have to count. Oops!

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