Emily on Rebecca

Utah Viola Society member Emily Barrett Brown will be performing Rebecca Clarke’s Shorter Pieces for Viola and Piano on Sunday’s Utah Viola Society Spring Recital. 

“I love playing pieces composed by a woman and violist–you get the complete package with Rebecca Clarke.
 I appreciate Rebecca Clarke’s unique perspective on a woman’s life portrayed in her short pieces–love songs, lullabies and whimsical period pieces.
 I love the rich texture, the sonorous use of the viola and expertly balanced piano parts!”

Join us to hear Emily showcase Rebecca Clarke on Sunday as part of the Utah Viola Society Spring Recital. 

Sunday, February 26, 3pm
Dumke Recital Hall, David Gardner Hall, University of Utah

One thought on “Emily on Rebecca

  1. Susan Wilcox says:

    LOVE Rebecca Clarke! I got the concerto while helping a viola student years ago. I still have it but haven’t learned it yet…retired and lazy! But playing a 5-string in the Bear River High School Musical TONIGHT! Teacher another violinist to play VIOLA also….will get to it if I live long enough. I was excited to hear of a woman composer who was also a violist, too….

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