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Daniel Prier shows me just a few of the violas that Peter Prier & Sons Violins will be bringing as samples.

One of the most unique things about Salt Lake City is the presence of the Violin Making School of America. Salt Lake City is home to so many fantastic luthiers. Tomorrow at Viola Day 2.0, you will have a chance to meet several local makers, play examples of their instruments, and hear Utah Symphony’s principal Violist Brant Bayless demonstrate just how lucky we are to have such a variety of great viola makers in town.

Here are some examples:

Daniel Prier of Peter Prier and Sons Violins will be bringing several violas and bows, notably a Gennaro Testore Viola from 1768, a Chardon viola, an Ada Quanranta viola from 2002, and a viola that was made by Peter Paul Prier for former Utah Symphony Music Director Joseph Silverstein in 1988. While I was there, Daniel gave me a tour of the shop. There are violas EVERYWHERE! Literally hanging from the rafters. Daniel says that if there’s a viola you want, he can get it for you.

I dropped by John Moroz‘s studio earlier this week and played a fantastic viola that he will be bringing. It’s a nearly perfect size and has a really powerful, yet still warm, big sound.

Carrie Scoggins has recently finished a viola and will be bringing it for sampling as well. I played it a couple months ago, it’s a smaller very comfortable viola but you’d never think so by the sound that it puts out. Robert Dow will also be bringing some bows to try. (Side note: I play a Robert Dow bow exclusively in the Utah Symphony, it’s a great bow that draws a great sound, and bounces effortlessly. You should get one!)

Summerhays Music will be on hand with instruments to sample. They will also have supplies on hand, so if you find yourself in need of viola strings, rosin, or shoulder rests they should be able to set you up!

Daniel Salini has a viola started that will be finished in the next couple months, can’t wait to see it Dan!

In other words, Violists, bring your checkbooks, you just might meet your next maker!

Join us on Saturday, November 1 Viola Day 2.0 at 12:45 in Thompson Hall at the University of Utah for this exhibition and demonstration of local makers and violas.



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