Be a part of the Viola Ensemble Concert during Viola Day 2015 – form a group with your students, friends, or colleagues and take the stage!

We will also be organizing a massed performance of Michael Kimber‘s brilliant “Violapalooza!” as the grand finale. Everyone can take part, and you won’t want to miss it. If you would like music in advance to rehearse with your group, or to practice on your own, contact Brad here.

If you haven’t done so, please update your Utah Viola Society Membership today!

This is going to be epic!Capture



2 thoughts on “Violapalooza!

  1. […] 3:30 Violapalooza!!! Massed performance open to everyone! (Bring your viola so you can play along!!!) […]

  2. […] Your yearly dues will gain you FREE entrance to Utah Viola Society events. Viola Day!!!2015 is fast approaching and we know you don’t want to miss the masterclass with Rice University’s James Dunham, our ensemble recitals, and our signature alto clef cookies! (And of course, VIOLAPALOOZA!) […]

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