Viola d’what??

Professor Robert Baldwin and his Viola d'amore

Professor Robert Baldwin and his Viola d’amore

Viola d’amore, yay! (just look at that beautiful instrument, wish I had one!) Check out Dr Baldwin’s fascinating and informative post about how he came to purchase a viola d’amore after a 35 year break.
Don’t miss your chance to see a real live viola d’amore in concert on Viola Day 2014! If you can’t make it, there are some other chances to see Dr. Baldwin perform viola d’amore this spring, including Wasatch Mountain Camerata on April 21, 2014, and April 27 at the Sundays at 7 concert at U of U.  Check out the Concert Schedule tab on his website for more dates!

Some additional info about Robert:

He is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He is currently the Director of Orchestras at the U of U and Conductor of the Salt Lake Symphony.

He recently performed Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed as Captain Kirk.

AND he plays the Viola d’Amore!


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